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Why Factor?

Factor is a foundational layer for DeFi builders and users. It connects existing protocols and provides building blocks for creating new DeFi projects. Our flexible platform offers various tools for different users, from established protocols to individual builders.

Factor's architecture allows the creation of a wide range of products and strategies. It promotes ease of use and interoperability, empowering users to participate, create, and innovate. With a unified interface, Factor simplifies DeFi navigation for end-users, providing access to community-generated projects.

Our no-code platform enables asset managers to create innovative products and strategies, while investors can easily deposit and earn yield. It offers institutional-grade and scalable asset management.


Factor’s DeFi Suite

Factor DeFi Studio

Factor Studio reimagines how protocols and strategies are created and managed by merging adaptability with user-centric design. Its modular architecture is built around the premise of flexible building blocks, layered permissions, and a simple yet powerful user interface.


What Does Factor Studio Offers?

  1. Novel Architecture: Factor's infrastructure supports various uses with flexible building blocks, enabling custom product assembly. It accommodates different strategies, from simple to complex, active or passive, while offering leverage and automation features. Factor provides a comprehensive framework, allowing interconnected builds for scalability.

  2. Flexible Parameters & Layered Permission System: Users can customize parameters, such as fees, policies, and permissions, ensuring transparency. Safeguards protect against rogue actors, and tiered access levels enhance security for managers, traders, and strategists. This creates a streamlined and secure environment for all participants.

  3. Intuitive User Interface: Factor's Studio UI eliminates technical barriers by enabling coding-free construction of innovative DeFi strategies. Conditional logic ensures strategy functionality and reduces the risk of errors. Factor Studio simplifies complex processes, making participation accessible to anyone.

  4. Custom Primitives: Factor Studio's modular design allows builders to create unique DeFi primitives beyond traditional functionalities. It enables the transformation and realization of novel DeFi concepts.

  5. SDK and APIs: Factor is developing a unified SDK that empowers advanced users to launch and oversee Factor-powered products independently. Traders can utilize off-chain methodologies, and diverse programming languages like Python, R, and Pinescript for strategy development and API-based smart contract instructions. This ensures flexibility in strategy implementation.


Factor Discover

Factor Discover is a comprehensive platform that connects users to a wide array of DeFi products developed with Factor Studio. It bridges the gap between creators and end-users, offering a diverse selection of Factor-powered strategies and projects.